Five most played indoor sports and harness them for your health benefit

Five most played indoor sports

Weather conditions that derail outdoor activities should not be used as a pretext for not participating in sport activities. Sporting as a leisure and recreation activity has numerous benefits, ranging from health to fun and networking. There are sporting activities that one should always consider indulging in at the comfort of their roofs, away from such weather conditions. Furthermore, some personal conditions like work and traits may a


lso derail several people from participating in outdoor main games, but this exemplification implies that this should not be posited as an excuse. The 5 most played indoor sports are volleyball, table tennis, basketball, pool/billiards, and badminton.

1) Volley ball

Professional volleyball involves two teams of six each playing against each other. There are rules of the game, which are enforced by a moderator. To put up such a game indoor, all one need is a room with a high roof, two poles, and a net to separate the teams and a ball, as well as sporting costumes. The ease of putting up such a pitch makes it one of those sporting activities that are fun and easy to put up. For indoor activity, the team must not be the official six especially if the objective of playing the game is leisure and recreation.

2) Table tennis

This game is ranked the sixth most played game worldwide. It is played by two or four players and it is fundamentally an indoor sport. The players stands opposite each at a table separated by a net and hit the ball by  table tennis bat across the net to one another, provided the rules of the game are followed. It’s a fun game that can bestow numerous health benefits. To learn the rules of the game holistically, it is widely promulgated that the game origin dates to medieval Victorian ages in England, and its founders had a fun and entertainment connotation behind the idea.

3) Basket ball

Basketball can be played by teams varying from one to one, to six to six. It is also a limited contact sport, and can fit well into indoor premise because it requires little equipment to participate and put up. It requires a basket attached to a post, and opposing team compete to shoot the ball into the basket being defended by the opponent. Being an intense game it is very suitable as an indoor sport activity. The shooting position determines the points that a player garners. It also has basic rules such as holding the ball with two hands without dribbling being a violation, but wholesomely it is fun to learn the rules and master the game.

4) Pool/billiard

Pool table as a game can be played by teams ranging from one to one to several people. It requires a billiard table, several numbered and differently shaded balls provided the type of the game, and some hitting sticks. There are several cue sports that can be played on a billiard table including the popular eight balls and nine balls. A pool table has six receptacles also called pockets, which a player must shoot into to get a goal and thus a point. One can also play alone for fun in this type of sport as all one have to do is shooting into the pockets.

5) Badminton

This is a racquet sport, which is played using racquets to hit the ball, also called a shuttlecock, across a net separating the players. It is a perfect indoor sport activity. To score in badminton all a player needs to do is to hit the shuttlecock and lands it within the opponent’s half court. A basic rule is that a player should only strike the shuttlecock once, for scoring also occurs if the player hit into their court.

Final Verdict

The 5 most played indoor sports are a great source of several benefits. These benefits are relieving stress, fun, improving on overall heart and brain health as well as socialization. Participating in these games is a preference to hitting the gym at home, as well as home based leisure activities such as watching televisions. While participating at these games at the comfort of the home, especially when weather conditions are notorious outside, rules can be done away with and the primary focus should be fun and exercising, nonetheless it is also important to master the rules.

Virginia Wise, 25 years blogger from Queens New York. She completed graduation on Food and Nutrition Sciences from reputed University. Now she is writing on about my experience.